Reading Material

Five Things is a wordpress plugin, that manages your best content. With it you can display, posts, pages or external content in the top format and highlight what is most interesting about your site.

Why to use

  • It’s easy to use;
  • It’s free;
  • Has good support;
  • It is easy to implement

How to install

  1. Add the wp_head() tag in the header.php of your theme before the html tag;
  2. Install the plugin;
  3. Go to settings page in Settings > Five Things;
  4. Edit the data and save;
  5. Past in your theme the below code ;
  6. Well Done!

How to work

In setting page, click in the items for edit it. Below, edit name and link, or click on one page / post for add to ranking. After to edit, click in save changes. For display in your theme, paste in the sidebar.php the code below: <?php five_things_front(); ?>, or add with widget.


Click on gear icon for to configure your plugin. Add a title for the top 5 and customize your front-end. After to edit, click in save changes button.




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